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The Mother of the Son of God speaks in this time to humans on earth


Table of content


To you people of the planet Earth

For the gardener of my soul

To the medium

Soul connections

The Spiritual Origin

The first Conversation with Hashwala

Concern for the future

Self-doubts as a human being

Spiritual connection between matter and non-matter

About the Spirit of Divine Unity as a mission in human existence

About good and evil

About the potential of the mind

The Search for the Self

About attachments

What the spirit draws its strength from Self-confidence and spiritual meaning

On the origin of borders

About the power of delimitation

The second conversation with Hashwala

Forms of existence of the mind

Astral body of the media energies

Inner Peace through Spiritual Activity

Mental activity as a pattern for the future

The Spiritual View as a Measure of Confidence

About gratitude

About requesting

Act in the order

Working on uncertainty

Restlessness and satisfaction


About faith

Human disbelief

Humility in judgment

Knowledge through dialogue with God

The devotion of man

The thought act

Lost thoughts, strange thoughts

Guilt and atonement

Isolation and damnation

Third conversation with Hashwala

Hashwala's word to the high offices

The Mother of All Nations

About the peoples

The Structures of the Peoples of the Earth

Uprooting of peoples

Care of the nations

Promulgation of leadership rights

The choice of leadership in modern times

The choice of means

An understanding of good and evil

The other view

Finding his spirit (again)

About the Nature of Mercy

Strengthening the spirit through merciful action

The joy of man

The vision of the spirit

The signs of your time

Paths to intellectual creativity

Exercise of mental creativity

Spiritual creativity as a weapon

Living in mental creativity

From the beginnings of intellectual creativity

Recognize and learn to understand

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