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Table of Content
The Lord's guidance for this writing
The infinities of time
The granules of time
Physical properties of time
Physical changes due to time changes
The phenomenon of time shift
Changes of time in the mind
Space-time and structure-time
Events in structure time
Communication in dimensional time 
The formation of universal life
Mutability of energy relations
Information flows from tidal streams
Undefined time spectra of the universe 
Timeless creation from nothing
Time as information storage
Time as a memory in the universe
The cycles of universal time
Temporal horizons on other planets
Temporal manifestations of information
Time-independent factors of universal 
transmission of information
Cyclic structure of universal movements
Time and pole jumps
Interactions of universal pole jumps
Pole jumps in loose matter
Pole jumps in the subtle world
Time aspects of the subtle world
Qualities of the subtle matter
The phenomenon of timelessness
Near earth time axes
Solar influences on time axes
Use of solar influenced time axes
Retransmission of planetary forces
Influences on planets far from the sun

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