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 Book V.II
Exchange processes of suns in the universe
published in 2023
Table of content
Preface of the Lord to this writing
Of the solar stars 
Intersolar connections between universes
The suns as material phenomena 
The nature of suns
Life cycles of plants and animals
Feeding of solar energy into matter fields 
Energetic and material conditions for 
Feeding processes
Physical processes in suns 
Processes in suns for information transfer 
Solar interactions 
The nature of solar storms 
The language of suns 
Solar thought world 
Activation of solar knowledge by the 
human mind
Stabilization of solar resonance fields
On the nature of resonant 
elementary particles
Perceptions on the solar frequency level
Solar development cycle of resonance fields 
Extinction of resonance fields 
The effective field of the suns as 
Communication points
Spiritual communication in the solar field of action
Solar Connectivity 
Binding forces of solar fields of action 
The blueprint of solar networks 
The human spirit energy in solar centers 
Transformation processes for universal 
Space Structure
The Solar Energy Structure in Dimensional Change 
Effects of the dimensional change on the living world
Perceptual processes in dimensional change 
in the living world
Solar regions of the planetary system 
Consequences of the dimensional change for the universe 
Position changes during a
Dimension change
Effects of dimensional changes on 
the solar system
Solar systems in their change 
Laws of harmony of solar systems 
Structures of the living 
Solar life in the terrestrial environment 
Perception of solar existence 
Solar fields of other living beings 
Solar fields of plant life 
Solar fields of hybrid living beings 
Solar fields of animal life 
Solar fields of human life forms
Solar fields as space of consciousness 
The human mind as part of solar fields 
On the design of a solar way of life 
Interplanetary Communication 
through solar fields
Communication Paths of Extraterrestrial Spirit
and life forms
Tones and colors of solar fields 
Intentions and experience of solar fields 
Solar fields as space of creative energies 
Suns as memory of human spirit
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