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Book VI

Ages and Evolution of the Universes

published in 2022


Table of Content

Escort of the Lord

Ages and evolution of the universes
Beginnings of the creation of the universe
The show of the universes
Age of universes
The age of the experience intention
Experiential intentions of universes
Stability factors in the age of the universes of intention
The Universe of Elements
The ancestors of the elements
Fabric refinement in the elements universe
Fabrics as companions of the movement age
The Age of Movement
The ways of movement of the substances
Emergence of substance compounds
Meaning of Binding Angles
The basic elements of water in the universe
Element Connections in the Age of Movement
The age of perception
Perception aspects of elements
The interaction space of the elements
Perception processes of the elements
About the perception of the elements and their parts
The Age of Evolution
Lines of movement of the elements
Development spectra of universes
Compositions of universal parts
The age of free will
Expressions of the energy pattern of free will

A Universe in the Process of Awakening

The blueprint of the universe of free will 

The Age of Polarity 

The Emergence of Polar Forces 
Multidimensionality in the Space of Consciousness 
Forms of Multidimensional Patterns 
The Design of Infinite Spaces 
The Age of Decay 
Restoration of chaotic energy fields 
Energy Forms and Frequencies in the Age  
of the Decay
Dissolution of Existing Orders 
The Age of Light 
The Principle of Eternity 
Manifestations of Light Energy 
The Shape of Eternity 
The Path of Light into Eternity 
Light Structures of Eternity 
Mutability of Light 
Of the Metastructure of Universes 
Development of Universes in the Temporal 
Transformations of the Space of Consciousness 
Table of Contents
The Transformation Space in the Universe 
of the human mind
The Matter-Pervading Thought-Currents 
Recognising the Beginning 
Transcripts of Conversations 
Closing Words of the Son 

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