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Book V

The world between Heaven and Earth





Table of Content



Accompaniment of the Lord to this Scripture


The world between heaven and earth

The world of air

Elements of air

Tasks of the noble gases

in the cosmic sphere

Spiritual origin of the ozone layer

Spiritual purification of air

Cosmic energy absorption processes

Air and Earth Exchange Processes

Cosmic exchange processes in the Earth's interior

Lines of communication in the Earth's interior

Effects of Cosmic Radiation on the Earth

The frequency of the planet Earth

Purification processes of the earth in the space

Purification and filter network of the solar system

Causes and effects

of frequency differences

Movement and properties

of Bodies in Space

Water as the principle of life

The vitality of air

Light as the engine of material evolution                                   

Effects of light on other planets

Properties of light in antimatter

Black holes from the spiritual point of view

Effects of smallest matter worlds

Being a human being between the worlds

Effects of the creation on the total consciousness

Views of the creation

Views in the human mind

Use of human views

Political and economic freedom

Global effects of human decisions

Global progress through self-sufficiency and cooperation

The spiritual network in material space

The external view of the earth

The signs of the universe

The return of human thoughts

The origin of thought

Of the unheals and their effect

The effect of social disturbances

Of the disturbing forces of social imbalances

Of the ecological cycles

Changes as a phenomenon of an age

Economic values from a spiritual point of view

Of the human fields of action in economic terms

Acting in the spiritual field of the middle

Artificial Intelligence in Human Society

Food against emptiness

Autonomous orientation of thoughts

Drive and defence of the human mind

Propagation of thought patterns

The interaction space of man

Creation of the world from the original thought

Man between heaven and earth



Conversation protocols

Further messages in excerpts

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