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Book IV.

History and Forces of the Universe


Table of content


History and Forces of the Universe

The beginnings of the universe

About the Infinity of Origin

Components of the Universe

Creation Processes of the Universe

Appointment of the Archangels

View and Being in the Universe

Gravitational Processes

Inertia processes

Light for the earth

Carrier of light

Stabilisation and development

of growth patterns

Removal of growth characteristics

by light frequencies

Light in other worlds

Being and becoming through light

Simultaneity in different lives

Creation and transformation in light

Consciousness as a Shaper of Spiritual Realms

Means of creative activity

Presence and reason of mind

Chemical and physical processes during

energy conversion

Knowledge through love and wisdom

The knowledge in the elements of matter

The smell of elements

Building materials of matter

The effect of healing frequencies on the

molecular structure

The modification of cell structures by

one's own consciousness

School of consciousness

Interactions in the Gross Material World

The development of multidimensional

Rooms and levels

Ether space and space dimensions

Indicator of multidimensionality in time levels

Human memory as a whole

Development and strengthening of the human spirit


Communication forms of light

Conscious streams of thoughts are music in space

The dream as a door of consciousness

About discord

Persistence of Energies in the universe

Energy – Tone – Sound

Sounds of other universes

Evolution of universes

The external view of the earth

Recognition values of the earth

Recognition mechanisms for the Human

spirits on earth

Networking of human spirits

Powers outside the human spirit

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