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Book III

Being and existence of the human spirit



Table of content



Escort of the Lord


Developments of the Spirit in Man

Why man in existence chose the earth

Man as Spiritual Effect

Of the mental abilities in humans

Media Messages

The collection of the forces of man

About the birth of man

The Evolution of the Birth of Humans

About change in life

On the Way of Life of the Spirit

The knowledge of man

About Eternity

With death to perfection

The Spirit makes peace

On the Arrival of the Spirit in the Spirit

How the spirits speak

The way to the origin

Being in the origin

Beginning and end of origin

The overall view of the world

The tasks of the human spirit

The Creation of the Spiritual Task of Man


The causality of human action


Life on other planets:


The human spirit in the Altair star

The link between Altair and Earth

The human spirit on Aldebaran

The connections between Aldebaran and Earth

The human mind on Pluto

The connections between Pluto and Earth

The human mind on Sirius

The Sirius Knowledge Base

The human mind in the Orion system

Occurrences of the Orion for design

of the human spirit on earth

The human spirit on Antares

Antares as a refuge of parables


The Human Spirit as Energy Stream in the Universe

From the time before the time

About non-matter and its effects

The non-matter as substrate of creation

The care of the mind

Destiny of the mind

Spiritual fulfilment in human life

Protection and health for the mind

Tasks of the Spirit in the New Era

The emotional strategy of the mind

Spiritual levels of knowledge

The knowledge on your spiritual home planets

The knowledge show of the mind

History of the human spirit in the future

The past is the future

About the time of the human spirit





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