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Book II

The Universal Laws



Table of content



Foreword of the Lord to this Scripture


About the Universal Laws

The nature of man

The principle of salvation

Incarnation cycles of humans on the earth

Evolutionary stages of incarnation

Religion as the standard of earthly faith

The principles of the Divine religion

From the habits of man

The trade relations in the original thought

From the imponderabilities of human action

Impulses for the new era

Every way is the way of life

Manipulation of the mind

The return to the spirit

The gathering of spiritual powers

From the fulfilment of the mental task

About the dimensions of the mind

Spiritual communication lines

Stars of purification

The earth as a world binder

About the sphere of emotions

About the chronicle of the knowers

The construction of spiritual knowledge

Contact to the spiritual self

The choice of means in the spirit

To the living spirits

What makes the spirit selfless

About the right and the just way

About the divine love

The ways of Divine Love

About the Divine Centre

About the contact to the Divine Centre

The evolution of the human mind

From the future of the human mind

Contacts to the outside world

The mirror worlds of the earth

The presence of the future on earth

About the perfection of spirit in the measure of matter

From the omnipotence of the Divine in your mind

About freedom

Of the soul parts in man

Soul properties of man

The strengthening of the soul

Spirit is energy

From the hierarchies of the spirit

The spiritual stages of knowledge

The level of knowledge of unconditional love

The knowledge level of spiritual awareness

The materialization of mental powers

The spiritual will in human consciousness





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