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Table of Content
Thor/Torus speaks about this book series
Foreword by the chairman of the
Creator Gods: Thor/Torus
The universal figure of the Creator Gods forces
The Torus energy as initial movement
The Torus energy in the universe
The Torus energy on other planets
The Torus energy as initial movement
Life as initial event in the universe
The creator energy Odina in the universe
The creator energy Odina in the interaction 
of planets and stars
Cognitive structures in the universe
Structures of cognition as impulse givers of new 
Dissolution and rebirth of spiritual 
structures of being
The creative power Fricca in the universe
Patterns of creation in the universe
The border between action and creation
Creation as the beginning of new worlds
Intermediate worlds as creation space
The creative power Esta
The multiplication of faith
The protection of faith
The vision of reality through faith
The belief in the universe
The creative power Motinal in the universe
The humility in the essence of fertility
Expressions of fertility
Preceding forces of the creative power Motinal
The meeting of the elements
The creative power Festul in the universe
Associated energies of the force Festul
Vibrations of the conscious positioning 
Signs of the cycles of conscious positioning
Arrival of the elements in the material being
The creative power of Oholi in the universe

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