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Book I

In the Light of the Messangers of Jesus



Table of content



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Guidance of the Lord to this Scripture


Messages from the Lord Jesus

Receiving the light

planet circles

Recognition of the inner force

Reflection on the surrounding field

Upcoming changes

The Inner Power

Transformations of the Creatures

thoughts change

The rebirth of the primal forces


Archangel Ahmenhah

The change in visibility

The confidence of one's own existence

Preserving and Maintaining the Inner Power


Archangel Ithuriel

The perception of growth

The growth in matter

Spiritual and Divine growth


Archangel Franchalah (Gabriel)

The way of the mind

The connection between matter and mind

Usefulness and application of the ray of mysticism


Archangel Makhimsih (Buddha)

The effect of creativity

Force and use of the beam

The change


Archangel Mlyhyhia

The times of knowledge

Effects of the beam

Connections to external knowledge


Archangel Arhura (King Arthur)

Introduction to the basic elements of matter

On the basic elements of the matter composition

Cyclic principles of matter transformation


Archangel Rahaal (Raphael)

The healing energies

The healing rays of the Rahaal ray for healing the cell structure

The healing rays of the Rahaal ray for organs and development of the healthy organism

The healing signs of the Rahaal ray for the regeneration of the life-ways in the organism

The healing rays of the Rahaal ray to protect the primal lines and neutralize radiation


Archangel Aahnahtah

Energy fields and networking

The connection of the energy fields

The effect of the beam


Archangel Kahanah

Meaning of the name and the task of the beam

The application of the Kahanah ray and the book of the times

Aspects of the time stream


Archangel Azrahaehl

The senses of the worlds

Colours are symbols of the sun

The sound of the universe and its colours


Archangel Mikaal (Michael)

The illumination of manifested thoughts

Spiritual warfare as the central task of the Mikaal ray

The spiritual development of awakened souls


Archangel Shanvis

The circle of the centre

Of the parables of the tones

From clay cleaning and sound stabilization



The custody of the powers





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