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The eternal Reason of all being


The eternal reason of all Being is the beginning of a series of books which, in the present time, makes  the spiritual word of the Son of God of Jesias available, whose incarnation is known to us as Jesus of Nazareth, to those people who have not lost faith and trust in the divine world of the Spirit in this rational world of matter, but who seek it. The human name of his incarnation at that time in Judäa was Jeshua Ben Joseph.

Those, in this incarnation of their earthly existence, who uprightly seek truth, knowledge, and subsequently understanding through knowledge, and have not lost their primal trust in the divine Word once given, will find these writings. These contents will not become comprehensible to rational-logical thinking human beings, because the basic trust in the origin of all things concerning the spiritual form of being primordial is missing and thus the assumption that man has to seek his origin in the divine spirit, thus in himself and not in matter. God, the supreme Spirit, as Jesias calls his Father, is the original force of all being and life, which works in every living being. A holy mystery.

This series of books, begun in 2016, is the result of a long search for those very attributes.

Various medial conversations between 2014 and 2015 with the archangels Franchalah, Rahaal and Mikaal - whom man knows as Gabriel, Raphael and Michael - preceded this work. Under the guidance of these archangels, a Holy Ceremony was held in the Teutoburg Forest, where the energy and information of a so-called ray wreath or Christ's wreath was first displayed. This took place on 08.12.2014. Step by step selected, pure rock crystals were placed in a place specified by the Holy Squad, in a stream bed aligned with a certain arrangement in the stream. The crystals were covered with mantras, read aloud passages from two books which were written in England during the war and also received by the media in dictation form (winds of truth). I was pointed out that these writings and their contents were binding for my actions and corresponded to deep truth. They describe under the dictate of the Archangel Michael the structure not only of this universe, in which the planet Earth is located, but also 11 other universes as well as the radiation energy of the origin, which is a main task of the Archangels to distribute these origin rays of the divine center as directed energy rays in the required intensity in the universes and galaxies, if one can call it that from a human point of view.

After the crystals of each of the archangels had been coated and sealed with the individual energy form of their rays, it took this original ray wreath about four months to unfold its highest ray power. As we could see, this wreath of rays was the prerequisite for the primordial Spirit of Jesus to be able to speak to us, since, as he said, he felt comfortable in the circle of his companions - as he called the archangels - which was due to the radiated energy of the wreath and thus created the possibility for the medium to receive the words of the holy squad.

In mid-2015 we were honoured to hear that Jesias, whom humanity knows as the incarnation of Jesus of Nazareth, spoke to our Circle and that he intended to produce writings that would serve as a guide for the people of the present and future generations, regardless of race or faith. It was with great joy that we were assured that this project would be put into practice. Jesias explained in the run-up to the writings that it was especially important to him that the fundamental principles of the origin of all being were explained. So he began on 26.01.2016 with his first dictation to the first scripture. Eight further speeches followed as introduction, until then at the end of March of the year Ahmenhah as the first of the archangels began with his lectures. All following Archangels held three lectures except Rahaal, whom mankind knows as Archangel Raphael; Rahaal five, in which he recorded and explained the Divine Salvific Seals and offers invaluable help to people by programming crystals and water with the help of these original healing signs in order to be able to absorb these energies of origin into the human body.  The last lecture of the Archangel Shanvis for the time being took place on Christmas Eve 2016. On New Year's Day 2017 the Lord's convoy to the first scripture was dictated. At the request of the Lord to give his name to the work, the Lord named these writings of the book series "The Eternal Ground of All Being". first in 2016:


Volume 1

"In the Light of the Messengers of Jesus."

published 2017


Volume 2

"The Universal Laws"

published 2018


Volume 3

"Being and existence of the human spirit."

published 2019


Volume 4

"History and Forces of the Universe"

published in 2020

Volume 5


"The world between Heaven and Earth"

published in 2021


Volume VI


"Ages and evolution of the universes" 

published in 2022


Since then, the forewords and titles have been written at New Year's Eve. We are anxious to publish in the future the newly appearing books to the Whitsun celebration. As Jesias assured us, there will be a new book every year until our departure from this world. They may serve as our modest contribution to the events of our time to sharpen a little the consciousness of mankind and to tread the path of peaceableness and togetherness among the peoples and races of this planet.

In the future there will also appear works written by Hashwala - the primal spirit of the Mother of the Son of God - as well as writings of the Creator Deities around Thor. There are nine of them in number.

We were able to contact Hashwala as well as Thor and Fricca and to write the first writings. The first book "Hashwala" will be published in 2020. For logistical reasons, the first book of the Creator Deities will not be published for two or three years, as it requires a certain place in the Teutoburg Forest to be able to conduct these conversations, since the medium lives a few hundred kilometers away and is only nearby every six weeks.

The meaning of these works lies in the realization that humanity knows so far little about what the life of humanity actually serves for and will give support and orientation to the young, following generations in a world that will soon sink into chaos, but will blossom afterwards in a form that we cannot imagine as the current living generation. This is also a promise of Divine Unity to the next generations. For centuries writings have been handed over to mankind, so our actions are nothing "new". What is new, however, is that the way of communication is changing. As Jesias already said before 1950 in Mexico about a speech medium, the way of communication will change. He will no longer speak as spirit through the body of a speech medium, but will put his thoughts and explanations into the spirit of a medium. This expresses itself in the head as a voice that gives a lecture and is then written down. Sentence by sentence. We have been experiencing this for 4 years. Communication from spirit in the body to spirit in the immaterial state of eternal being. What so far has only been reserved for a few people will become "normal" in the future, as it was usual centuries ago, but has fallen into oblivion, as long as people who are inclined consciously recognize and cultivate this ability within themselves.  In the writings "The Book of True Life", Jesias in Mexico points this out early on. What is striking for us is that the messages and contents are adapted to the state of knowledge of the now living generations. So some messages are addressed especially to today's science, since of course the rapid progress of the knowledge of this world is not only taken up in the divine levels, but is adapted and extended now by exactly this gift of knowledge to the present state of knowledge.

Scientists, theologians, philosophers and other self-thinking circles are cordially invited to address open questions or phenomena of their scientific disciplines to us. It is part of our mission to have the answers of the Divine Planes written down also on topics of the borderline sciences. Since the progress of evolution requires an expansion of knowledge and thus of knowledge, we would be pleased if you would place your trust in this possibility and turn to us.

"It cannot be what must not be"! This postulate of the supposed leaders of this world should be banished to the garbage heap of history. It requires self-overcoming and courage to tread these paths. If from the point of view of the intellect the point of view is changed, it is also possible for you to follow this path. It is a unique opportunity and should be used. We are also happy to hold individual discussions with you on your specific questions, in which you can be sure of our secrecy.

Earthly names will never be revealed if this is not desired.

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