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The Book of Hashwala

The Mother of the Son of God speaks to Humanity

Book 11

Communication between Master Spirit and Human Incarnation

Publication series

2018 – 2021



At no time has anything remained of the ancient knowledge of spiritual forces and their effects. The name Hashwala is known to very few people, if at all. This name comes from eternity and was transmitted and explained to us for the understanding of the spiritual connections by the Mother of the Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth, known to us as Mary, in 2018.

This series of writings, published at the end of 2023, was created at her personal request; the queen of the cosmic areas in the divine universe that are inhabited. Primordial spiritual being of the Divine Center speaks in the series of writings now started by Dophalis through her partial incarnation of Alkaras, a medium who hears the messages as a voice in her head and writes down the information given to humanity. Since 2019, the writings have been written down regularly on Saturday mornings between 7:00 and 8:30 a.m.

This direct communication became possible after a visit to the Marienheilgarten of the municipality of Großgmain on the Austrian side of the Untersberg.

The Marienheilgarten Großgmain was founded in 2001 on the initiative of Father Herbert Josef Schmatzberger and Ing. Thomas Janschek, the support of the parish and community of Großgmain and many helpers and donors of the foundation “Borderless Großgmain”. It symbolically connects the Way of St. James with Jerusalem in the East and Santiago de Compostela in the West.

The visit to this garden was intended as a somewhat belated birthday present and as a thank you to the medium, since he did not know this extraordinary place personally. A very special person who is deeply peaceful, helpful and completely selfless when you get to know the medium personally. Therefore, it seemed important to me to show the medium this special place, because it was born spiritually from the deep Marian devotion of the old priest, which turned out to be absolutely right. Already since 2015, the medium has been transmitting information, messages and talking with the archangels of Isaiah (the original spirit in the body of the Son of God 2,000 years ago) and since 2019 also with the creator deities of ancient Germanic mythology.

I was asked to let the garden work on me, to drink from the spring behind the statue of the Virgin Mary and to rest on a wooden bench under a birch tree, because a few days before complicated and exhausting conversations had already been held with beings of Sirius On the Untersberg I asked to “hear” which guardians of the place were present. Or who would like to speak from the spiritual world at this place, to document it as a document on the spot of our travels. Before that, the medium drew the statue of the Virgin Mary in the garden.

Directly behind the statue of Mary is a spring dripping onto a stone through a stylized faucet, surrounded by the 12 zodiacs to which plants are assigned. About 20 meters away is an Untersberg stone, surrounded in a circle by 14 other smaller stones taken from a biblical symbolism. This image of the stone circle reminded me of the symbolism of the divine centre and the 12 archangels first given to us in 2015 by Jesias and his companions, as he calls the archangels. During this first visit on 17.05.2018, it took only a few moments of silence when the medium took his notebook in hand and began to write:



Messages of the Mother of the Son of God

Mary (Hashwala)


(Sketch of the medium on the spot in Austria)

Contact with the Primordial Spirit of the Mother of Jesus

Eternal Name: Hashwala

(known to people as the Mother of the Son of God Jesus of Nazareth, Mary)


(Another time I begin to share more details about this communication. I am, to put it mildly, incensed, since those explanations I wrote down in the last two hours have not been saved. So I will start again..............This is the influence of the negative forces that do not want these writings to become public. We take note of this and smile. They will not prevent it).

A few weeks ago I showed the German medium a certain place in Austria that I knew was a special place. It is a Marian shrine at a spring that has a very high energy in it. A very important energy place in Austria. (Exactly where this is can be found out by contacting us).

On the first day on site, the medium looked at this place, where a statue of Mary, about 4 meters high, stands in front of a spring, surrounded by a garden of medicinal plants, divided into twelve and assigned to the signs of the zodiac. In the immediate vicinity - about thirty meters away - there is a stone setting that drew my attention to this place in the first place, when I was there for the first time last October. In this particular garden behind a small church, two particular minutes were written down on 17.05 and 18.05.2018, followed by a few more until today (26.06.2018), but preceded by another important one on 15.05.2018. I will go into it later.

On the first day of the visit to this place, the medium sat down on the bench in a place near the statue of the Virgin Mary under a birch tree and began to write. As it turned out after a few lines, it became possible for us to get in touch with Jesias his mother at that time, what we were very, very happy about, of course, because we were not prepared for it. You can follow these protocols in the table of contents in some readings, if you like. Names of the involved, living persons remain internal for protection. Before that, however, at Mary's request, I would like to and should explain some further contexts in more detail for your understanding.

As you can read, the first protocol/dictation written down is a word of Mary to the living mankind. In Her word She assures first of all that this contact is the mother of the Son of God, who gave mankind from God's hand. In addition, She makes known to mankind Her eternal name, which may be made public at this point, as She allowed us to do in conversation with Her and the Archangel Ithuriel on June 22, 2018. Not, however, without pointing out certain connections of your spirit form and its division at a time when the planet Earth was formed. The primordial spirit Hashwala - (Mary) - has a sister spirit, as She calls it, which divided from the primordial spirit Hashwala at that very time, and was named by Her as Ralasil.

On 15.05.2018 we met in another place in Austria through a friend a young middle-aged woman, who, like the German medium at my side, some time, but probably some years back - had also written mediumistically, but has stopped her writing some years ago. What changed, however, following our conversation........ She feels close to Nefertiti, and is in inner connection with her. On 03.06 and 04.06. 2018 she sat down again and wrote down something significant. From these two writings it is clear that at one time the spirit Hashwala lived in the body of Nefertiti, this had other five daughters, who live at present all as spirit embodied on earth....we do not know you at present yet, but will get to know them....One of these daughters from that time is the Austrian medium, who was called at that time Anchesenamun and was married with Tut-Ench-Amun. Her half-brother, who was born from the union of a concubine of Akhenaten (Kija). Since she was ill as a child at the lower abdomen, she was in the consequence infertile and thus childless in the connection with her half-brother. After the death of Tut-Ench-Amun by a war wound, which he had suffered in a fight on his chariot, she was married again for strategic reasons with a high military Tut-Ench-Amun and went with him to Mesopotamia, where she got the name Theotep.

(The first writing comes from Nefertiti, the second from her total self Ralasil to you as living person. I will inquire whether she agrees to a publication at this place).

Why, Hashwala explained in a further conversation with her on 10.06.2018. In short, in the German medium the spirit of Mary lives in this time, in the Austrian medium the primal spirit Ralasil. As human beings, the two liked each other immediately at the first meeting, instinctively, which is rare today when people do not know each other. However, an indication of their eternal spiritual kinship. You both sensed that immediately.

From a human point of view, they are something like cousins, or aunt to niece, mutually considered. Anyway, Hashwala asked me to explain in more detail these connections concerning the division of your spirit. Mentioned in the protocols are the spiritual, eternal names of the two women on your home stars of the first embodiment: ...(eternal name of the German medium), in which the spirit of Hashwala lives at present among us, ....(eternal name of the Austrian medium)..., the spirit of Ralasil in the Austrian medium.

It is important for the reading of the messages to understand that the original spirit Hashwala speaks to the medium as the present embodiment of the same spirit as at that time in the body of the mother of the Son of God Mary. The medium living here is therefore an incarnation of Hashwala in our time. Therefore Hashwala addresses the medium accordingly with: "My dear child". Representing the incarnation of yourself. Another elemental energy in the body of the medium is a part of the Germanic fertility goddess Fricca, known to us as Freya. Fricca explained this in a conversation in Tustrup/Nordjytland in July of that year at an old ting place.

On the second day in this particular garden, Hashwala had something written down addressed to the builder of this Marian healing garden. A retired priest whom the local people like very much. He lives in the house next to the garden..........a humble person whom we had the pleasure of meeting personally. At the end of the original protocol, Hashwala let it be known that he was the Apostle Thomas at the time of Jesus. An extraordinary protocol in which Hashwala thanks im for his help to her at the time 2000 years ago as well as the creation of this garden some years ago in Austria. One cannot say anything about it as a human being except how noble is the way of formulating your words to the priest. Better said: one lacks as a human being the words................especially, of course, the knowledge of the connections to the ancient time. The spirit of Haswala embodied in the medium, that of the apostle Thomas in the body of the old priest. To experience this leaves one speechless.

Back in the German homeland I asked the medium on Whit Monday evening - knowing that she was very exhausted from the journey and the work of various other transcriptions at different places in Austria - to sit down again and write down what Hashwala would like to tell her personally. Somewhat incredulously, she followed my request, knowing that Whit Monday is a very important date for me, on which much has already happened. Also sad.............and yet: very important.

Well, She concentrated, since She caught my undertone. Now Hashwala (Maria) spoke to Her (the medium) personally..............What is going on there with Her as a human being. Consider what it means for a person in this day and age to be told that the spirit of Hashwala lives in her.............Everyone will need time to come to terms with this. So, of course, does the medium. Hashwala also assured us to talk about your life at that time and the actual events at that time in due course. As it looks at the moment, besides the appointments on Sundays when Jesias and/or the Archangels speak to us in the morning, the medium will also write down on Saturdays in the future what Hashwala wants to tell people. Parts of these writings you as readers will be able to follow - at least in excerpts - on this dophalis page. We are very grateful, because we know that these writings will bring truths to the people that we cannot imagine. All the more thankfully we take joyful note of what awaits us there in knowledge unknown to us from the divine world of the Original Spirit.

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